There goes the neighborhood

While this is a “local” rant today, the concept is familiar in every locale. Neighbors don’t talk to each other. Do you know your neighbor? What color are her eyes? How does the little old lady down the street from you like her afternoon tea? This lack of neighborhood commraderie is what leads to the …

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This is how I treat cell phones at meetings

No Kidding, even with clients. Turn those damn things off. I’ve met Presidents . . . of COUNTRIES and no one is so important as to have a call interrupt a meeting. Bah. Booo.   Mr. Blendit is almost my hero.

Small Business Employees

So long time ago when I was a wee little lass in college I worked with a not-for-profit which of course is different from a not-profitable – but that’s another story for another day. In those sweetly innocent days I thought, gee whiz, when start running real businesses with employees who I can afford to …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Please enjoy your day with family and friends. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.   Image courtesy of Martin Cathrae

Get Out of Jail Free

Let’s celebrate Monopoly sets! The November-December issue of Mental Floss shares a poignant example of how a simple game can save lives. During WWII, the Red Cross delivered monopoly sets that contained secret extras like metal files, compasses, silk maps of safe houses and even real Italian, French and German currency under the fake money. …

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Interesting Factoids

For those of you Financially savvy,¬† did you know that 90% of the Fortune 500 are using derivatives in thier portfolios? Here’s why this is interesting: it is further proof that not enough time is being spent on strategic decisions and instead too much time is given to minutia. Yes, No? Why are derivatives minutia? …

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Blueprint to a Billion

If you are in business and have lofty aspirations, then Blueprint to a Billion by David G. Thomson is a must read. No, there’s no need to be in high tech to reach a billion dollars in revenue. Indeed you may be surprised at which companies and industries really rocketed to the billion dollar revenue …

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