Winning with Nuclear Fusion, a New Metaphor

Winning with Nuclear Fusion Thursday evening I ended up in a conversation about nuclear fusion, not a subject I know much about, but I have a vague understanding . . . that got me thinking about what it takes to launch a business, or learn a new skill since both of those activities require an …

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Running Mastery: Sports Stat of the Week

So you probably thought you’d hear about hockey this week given that preseason begins . . . now, but instead how about a diversion to running. In tandem with my research on the non verbal, environmental cues that foster the growth of super stars I get to look at super stars themselves. It’s really amazing …

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Personal Influence – Office Supplies?

EXPERIMENT: What kind of pen do you use at the office? Is it a regular Bic disposable, a Cross or Mont Blanc, or is it the freebie from a pharmacutical sales rep? If you use a freebie or the basic disposable, consider using a less disposable (everything is ultimately disposable, right?) pen for one day. …

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Influence in Little Prodigies

What is the major influence that turns children into little prodigies? Mind-blowing research in Neurology points us in a new direction. Is it amount of practice? Is it in-born talent? Is it high-income parents – or other privileged access to resources? No, no, no. The driving factor that influences a child to be a prodigy …

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Leadership in Hockey: Sports Stat August 17

Excuses last a lifetime. Achievement leaves you proving yourself again and again.

Sports Stat of the Week: Leadership in Hockey
I do (heart) hockey so back to hockey this week. The question ticking along today is, “How well do teams with one dominant player do . . . as determined by time on the ice.” In other words, do teams who keep 1-2 guys on the ice all the time do better than teams who more evenly rotate their fellas?

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Influence and Body Language in New York City/Newark/Philly

Body LanguageOctober 7-11, I will be in New York City to speak on Causing Cognition through Body Language at various private functions and helping Kevin Hogan at his Body Language Mastery Course also in New York, October 10-11.

Kevin has some stellar surprise guests planned. He is after all the man who wrote the book on Body Language and has trained the best in the business. It’s worth the trek. Come find me at  

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Failure of Education System – Delusional Students

A rant about the failure of of educational system. Are our best and brightest simply delusional? A suitor, Jay*, recently approached me about taking the GMAT. He knows that I teach for ManhattanGMAT (a super fantastic group!) and he was prepping to take the test on his own. I shared some general words of advice …

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